CAD/CAM Systems for Woven Labels

TexDesigner-Woven Label Edition : the multi-language, multi-target CAD/CAM software that will dramatically accelerate your woven label designing and development.

From concept to production TexDesigner-Woven Label Edition has everything you need

TexDesigner the woven labels CAD/CAM software that will dramatically accelerate your label designing and development. It is most suitable for making woven labels or in general narrow fabrics of various types including taffeta, satin, damask, care and size labels, zipper pullers, tapes, laces etc provides you the maximum accuracy, ensuring that the designs sent for manufacturing do not come back to the design stage for repair or correction. A wide spectrum of special editing tools exists to assist you while maintaining its ultra-user friendly operations. For the vital competitive advantage in the woven labels manufacturing world, the system is capable of producing most intricate designs in just a few clicks

Overview of TexDesigner – Woven Label Edition

Features of TexDesigner

Scan settings

Geometry correction

Color reduction

Choosing scanners

TexPhoto ( Auto Correct )


User friendly functions

Image Processing and Filters

Color Handling


Autoweaving flexible user defined templates

Group weaving

Easy tube labels

Extensive needle loom support

Fabric file editing for last stage correction

Production calculations

Flexible machine adaptations

Writing files to all standard jacquard machines

Reading files from all standard jacquard machines

Color library creation for yarns

True size simulations from the woven files

ERP & Production Management Systems


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